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About the Sarvaa Team

About the Sarvaa Team


We make artisan quality food, in small batches, with the best superfoods available!


The Sarvaa Tribe

 Derek Van Atta, Creator of Sarvaa Superfood. 

derek.jpgInspired by a life-long passion for health and nutrition, Derek Van Atta, the creator of Sarvaa Superfood, is living his commitment of promoting optimal living and vitality!

In his senior year of High School Derek suffered from severe digestive tract issues and intestinal problems, which forced him to begin eating much differently. After two years of College in Northern California, he moved back to Colorado and got a job in a health food store, and within a year was promoted to General Manager, and began his life-long study of the complex interplay between diet and lifestyle.

A couple of years later, he moved back to Northern Cali and spent three years as a monk at a small Yoga community where he learned the value of meditation, yoga and loving service to others as an integral part of good health and well-being. Fast forward a few more years and you'd find him working crazy hours in a small start-up he co-founded in Silicon Valley, where he says his commitments to healthy food and meditation were put to the test by the intense pace of "Silly Valley". These were the days before the term, "SuperFood" had been coined, but he continued to study all aspects of the so called Health Food Movement from Raw foods, to Macrobiotic cooking.

One theme that always fascinated Derek was the notion that there were certain unique foods that were the equivalent to a race car. Meaning foods that possess a super high "power-to-weight ratio", ie ultra-nutrient-rich, without any excess fluff. The intense pace of Silicon Valley required a similar intensity in the areas of nutrition, yoga, meditation and exercise. He says, "If I got lazy with my diet or other healthy habits, I suffered immediately" The dramatic improvements in daily well-being that Derek experienced whenever he fed his body these superfoods, the more he became inspired to develop his own superfood recipes. Some of his early concoctions may have been nutrient-dense, but they tasted a lot like dirt. He loves to tell the story about one particular Sunday morning when he made a huge green smoothie for his sons, (age 12 & 13). They took one taste, put the glasses down and quietly but forcefully said, "Dad, we're not having pond-water for breakfast. We want pancakes!"

Thus began the next chapter, which was all about how to make these incredibly healthy blends actually taste good enough for people who are not health food fanatics! “Sarvaa’s vision is to support your life with powerful, balanced and easy superfoods so that you can optimize your unique contribution to life on Earth." Over the last 25 years, Derek has explored healing traditions from traditions around the world. Some of these include: Naturopathic Medicine, European Traditional Herbal Medicine, the time-tested systems from India of Ayurveda, the cutting edge practices within Functional Medicine, the ancient and modern principles of Chinese medicine, and Central American shamanic practices. Currently, he continues to research and refine formulas that blend these diverse healing modalities into revitalizing foods in a balanced and flavor-busting way.

“The pallet of superfoods is my art form. I love mixing the best quality, most nutrient-rich foods from the various dietary and healing practices though out the world, into potent, tasty, and easy-to-use SuperFoods! It's not always easy holding to the high standards of sourcing the best of the best. Not to mention ensuring that everything we offer is Vegan, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Paleo Friendly, at least 95% Organic, (the exceptions being excellent wildcrafted superfoods,) and at least 90% Raw food. And are delicious, therapeutic, and ready in two minutes. I absolutely love the synergistic benefits of blending cacao, supergreens, adaptogens and superfruits into amazing and delicious meals and supplements that anyone can actually feel in a relatively short period of time! I sincerely hope that one or two of Sarvaa Superfoods products enhance your life in some way. And that whatever way we've helped you live a better life will ripple out in wonderful and amazing ways! Why we have, “Love your body, Love Everybody” on our packaging…

Marie Redfeather, Quality Control and Company Shaman.

marie-web2.jpgMarie Redfeather began supporting Sarvaa from day one. She instantly became Chief Executive Taste-Tester, Art Director and company Shaman all rolled into one. She's still intimately involved in quality control, product and packaging design, and overall aesthetic values. Her intense passion for sharing health, healing and beauty is indispensable! A loving mother of four, artist, shamanic healer and Reiki teacher, Marie is an invaluable asset to the Sarvaa community. Through her creative and spiritual energy, she daily channels the divine feminine into our workspace and products.



The team is also happy to include:

Robyn Hok, Production and Shipping and Receiving

Joshua Hoffman, Assistant Manager

Danielle Roark, Marketing and Social Media Outreach 

Shannon Assman, Production 




"It's very simple: Sarvaa Superfood is encouraging the well being of people through Love. Love your body, Love Everybody.” - Derek Van Atta -

If you have questions about how we can help you perform at your optimum,

contact us at care@sarvaasuperfood.com or 970-259-2110




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